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3 steps to become a Forex Hero


The new interactive section "Golden Hours" is the best tool to find out when to trade and when not to. Pinpoint the days of the week and even hours of the day when the markets offer the highest potential profits. Uncover the worst times for trading with the lowest liquidity. Know the opening and closing hours of the major forex market sessions in London, New York, Sydney & Tokyo

1. Master the basics & secrets in the illustrated School

Start by learning some basics and secrets about the financial markets in our forex school. You will earn virtual money with every chapter you finish.

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Play the cool trivia game about forex trading and economics to test and strengthen your knowledge. Earn more $ with every correct answer.

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Once you collect $200 you will unlock the awesome Trend Predictor. You will see how pros predict trends in currency rate movements and you will learn how real historical events influence the currency rates.

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