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Do you know what can trigger an opportunity for huge profits or losses from currency trading?

Often it is only one sentence from the boss of a central bank; rumors about a government corruption scandal; a hint from a president about his military plans. Stocks can even fall because of a sex scandal, like the one of Tiger Woods. In the Trend Predictor you will uncover all of the main tricks and strategies used by the pros to spot such triggers.

If you want to learn what are the driving secrets for the currency movements, Trend Predictor is the best tool for you. You will learn how to predict forex trends just by browsing through the news headlines. You will see not only what drives the prices, but also WHY currency swings occur.

Forex simulator game screenshot with a situation about the referendum in united kingdom on whether Scotland should be independent from Great BritainForex simulator game screenshot with the correct answer and the leverage selection viewForex simulator game screenshot with the leverage selection view and detailed explanation of why the currency moved
  • 100% real life situation
  • Extra tips
  • Real profit info
  • Change leverage
  • In-depth explanations of how the market reacted and WHY

Why is trend Predictor special?

What makes this application different is its relentless focus on actionable details - especially in the Trend Predictor section, which is the favorite learning tool of more than 103,000 users and counting.

Most forex and stock trading learning materials simply present dry theoretical facts like “currency prices are influenced by interest rates, consumer confidence, current account on balance of payments and economic growth.” Does this information seem valuable and actionable to you? Or would you rather learn specific correlations that have been used and proven by traders? A few examples:

▶ When the price of gold rises, so does AUD against USD.
▶ If the oil prices go down, so does CAD against JPY.
▶ If the weather forecast predicts high temperatures in Russia, then the wheat price goes up.

How it works

The Trend Predictor is an interactive scenario game that presents you with a real world situation and you have to choose the currency trend direction by analyzing the given situation.

This is a unique experience as there is no other material with such a collection of historical events and their effects on the foreign exchange. Each question has a detailed explanation after you have answered, so you can truly understand the secrets of how to trade forex and how the pros make their decisions regarding the currency forecasts.

With each answered question you will earn or lose the exact amount of virtual money that you would have if you did bet with real money when the event occurred. So you can feel how the forex works without any risk or real money deposits. You also have the option to change the level of leverage to better mimic the real trading environment and understand how it works.

Yes, you can learn how to predict currency rates! Download Forex Hero app and enjoy the Trend Predictor for FREE.

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